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Like many Catholics, I was welcomed into the faith shortly after I was born. My mother and father had me baptized at only four months of age. From then on, I was raised in a Catholic household. My faith was prevalent in my school life as well. I attended St. Bernard Catholic School from preschool to eighth grade. There were some parts about being Catholic that I really liked. I enjoyed the church songs we sang at mass and I loved having shorter classes on the days we said the Stations of the Cross. However, I wasn’t fond of being an altar server and I found no joy in having to wake up early on Sundays to go to mass. Though it was a part of my everyday life, Catholicism never really became part of my identity. I never took it upon myself to learn more about the church or strengthen my faith outside of school. I only really participated in Communion and confession and whatnot because it was what I was told and taught to do. Whenever I prayed, I felt more like I was speaking to the ceiling than to God. I hadn’t even considered that I could have my own set of beliefs until high school. As of today, I am no longer a practicing Catholic. I believe there is a higher power of some sort, but I don’t think it’s the God I was taught about. My set of beliefs are almost the exact opposite of what I was taught to think growing up. I am pro-choice, I support gay marriage, I don’t think contraceptives are Satan in disguise, and I think that women deserve the same opportunities as men

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