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The woman who was to become Catherine the Great was born Sophie Augusta Fredericka. During her teen years Sophie blossomed into a beautiful young woman and had excellent health. She later went on to marry Peter III the future emperor and grandson of Peter the Great. During her reign as empress Catherine encountered many conflicts, which she surpassed so successfully that even now so many years after her death she is still remembered. Even though she was known to have many lovers during her lifetime and had three illegitimate children two of who survived, her strong spirit, willingness to make Russia a better place, and her political victories made her one of the greatest empress ever.
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She did this by giving “ a good deal of attention to projects to build schools, founding the Smolny Institute, an academy designed for five hundred girls and young women.'; (Erickson 311). She also wanted future doctors to know all the current methods as other European countries in the field of medicine because she only wanted the best for her people. She helped Russia’s people and “founded and endowed a medical college to educate Russian physicians and apothecaries, and commissioned the first Russian pharmacopoeia';. (Erickson 311). She helped landowners find out other types of methods to use on their land. So that they would prosper and so would the economy. She established “ The Free Economic Society for the Encouragement Of Agriculture and Husbandry.'; (Alexander 100). This group was established to tell landowners of advanced methods of farming that was practiced throughout other countries. Catherine also corresponded with the philosopher Voltaire because he enlightened her and that was good for making Russia a better place. “She continued to model herself, as far as possible, in the likeness of Voltaire';. (Erickson 235).
During Catherine’s reign she had many political victories. She won many battles on the war front but she was also quite good at political victories. Pugachev tried to

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