The Controversy Over The Existence Of Climate Change

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Throughout the middle of the twentieth century, until now, there has been debate over the existence of climate change. Climate change is the increase of earth’s inclusive temperature of the atmosphere, and the side effects caused by rising temperatures. Climate change is caused by many reasons: burning of fossil fuels, agriculture, landfills, and deforestation. Climate change is mainly caused by greenhouse gases and humans. The effects of climate change are detrimental to earth; the effects have lead to stronger and more intense hurricanes, a rise in temperature, and the melting of glaciers(“Global Climate Change: Effects”). Greenhouse gases are the main causes of climate change. The sun emits sunlight which travels to earth causing it to warm up the surface, and then the heat is radiated back towards space. This normal cycle is interrupted by greenhouse gases that stop the heat from bouncing back into space(“Global Climate Change: Causes”). The gases absorb the heat and emit it back everywhere on earth. Because the gases are causing the temperature to rise, it is known as the greenhouse effect. Gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect are nitrous oxide(N2O), methane (CH4), and carbon dioxide(CO2)(“Overview of Greenhouse Gases”).
The burning or combustion of fossil fuels increase the amount of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere(“Global Climate Change: Causes”). Because the impact of one pound of N2O is three hundred times greater than a pound of carbon dioxide, nitrous

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