Cause And Effects Of Hurricane Katrina

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On August 29, 2005, hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana as a category three storm and brought with it some of the most catastrophic effects that any hurricane has ever left behind. Twenty foot surges of flood water washed into New Orleans after the levees broke, and ended up flooding over 80% of the city. It was now in the hands of the United States government to help the millions of displaced Americans find proper shelter, food, water, and services that were required for their recovery. After the storm, thousands were left without power, which also limited their access to not only clean drinking water, but also their access to water for waste disposal, even though there was an abundance of water that had masked the southern region of the state. Health officials had received an overwhelming amount of alerts saying that under no circumstances that the water should be ingested, even in places of refuge like the SuperDome, because there was no way to filter waste out of the water, as it was being dumped anywhere that there was room to do so. Not only were tangible resources needed, but intangible resources like social relief programs were needed as well. Many people were now without housing, clothing, or even toiletries to take care of themselves with. After Katrina, many people took regular household items and amenities for granted. Items such as the refrigerator a desk top computers were completely destroyed after flood waters reached a high of twenty feet in some

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