Hurricane Katrin A Devastating Katrina

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Bayleigh Fore
Mrs. Parrish
AP Lit
20 March 2017
Hurricane Katrina Research Paper Thousands of people lay dying, stranded from the deadly Hurricane Katrina, a natural disaster destroyed many homes in New Orleans. This powerful hurricane killed thousands of people and impacted the entire United States economy. Hurricane Katrina cost billions of dollars in damages. Even ten years later, the city continues to recover from the disastrous aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Many of the hurricanes’ victims still continue to recover from the financial and emotional effects. The severity of Hurricane Katrina’s flooding left the city underwater for weeks, due to issues with the levees. Hurricane Katrina struck land on August 29th, 2005, leaving New
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Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on all of the cities in its path. Killing 2,000 people. Hurricane Katrina had become one of the worst natural disasters to transpire. It was the aftermath of this horrific storm that effected the population of New Orleans’s the most. One of the main reasons Hurricane Katrina flooded so badly, due to the levees becoming breeched, and not properly effective. This happens when the storm water rises above the levees. New Orleans lies above sea level. Meaning that the city lies completely surrounded by water (Kayen). A faulty design or improper care became the speculated reason to why the levees may have failed. A researcher (Kayen) investigating the scene stated “Both Bryan and I are familiar with post event damage, but the devastation of Hurricane Katrina was so unusually severe and affected so much of urban New Orleans that we were taken aback by the magnitude of this natural and manmade catastrophe and the absence of all services and people” (Kayen). Researchers were so overwhelmed with the amount of distress the city had encountered. The researchers tried to solve why the levees would have failed. They discovered that most of the breeches occurred where the levees underwent transitions (Kayen). Transitioning of the levees means where two levels of different heights touched. Causing the water to overflow and cause flooding (Kayen). Another speculated
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