Cause And Effects Of The Black Death

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Death, Pain and an 80 percent death rate ( staff). The plague destroyed people's lives and their countries health. The devastation of the country, the effects it had on the people, and the deadly symptoms.
The plague affected many countries negatively and positively. This made people realize that it was possible to prevent the illnesses. During the years of the Black Death many people began to increase personal hygiene. Many people washed themselves, and though bacteria had yet to be discovered, this cleanliness removed many of the microorganisms. People also began to boil drinking water to kill possible parasites. Then as the bodies stacked up it became more effective to burn them, further preventing the spread of disease (Gale students). When the illness struck, people learned that boiling water would reduce the chance of illness. Also, it has taught people burning dead bodies decreased chances of airborne illnesses and the plague. One way of inhaling pure air was to sit between two burning fires. As the bacteria were destroyed in extreme heat, this may have provided some protection. Pope Clement VI was known to have torches placed around him to keep infection away. Many households burned incenses and papers with the aim of purifying the quality of air, some of the favored scents were bleach, camphor, lemon, rosemary, and sulfur (Gale students). Many people, to increase odds of living found home remedies. A common one was sitting between torches to clean the

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