Cause And Effects : Vehicles And Air Pollution?

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Erik Castellanos David Godoy English 1A
6 December 2017
Vehicles and Air Pollution
For over many decades man has come up with way to get from point A to point B .
Our innovative minds have helped us pursue this thought of finding the quickest transport. It was not until 1886 when a German man know as Carl Benz had created something that would change the world forever. Carl Benz had began the first production of motor vehicles with internal combustion engines. There was an unknown outcome from these engines though, which was the terrible pollution they emitted into the air. For many years, man was oblivious to the pollution they were causing into the atmosphere.
In America, the four-stroke vehicles were not introduced until the 1900’s. The first car produced in a mass amount was the Oldsmobile in 1901. It produced only three-horsepower and only 425 of them were sold, but by 1904 over five thousand were sold across the United States. In June of 1903, the famous Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford. The Ford Motor Company is a staple of American automotive manufacturing. This was not Henry Ford’s first introduction into the automotive industry as he had previously had ties to the Detroit automobile company. Ford Motor Company would be incorporated with a total of 12 investors making up 1000 shares for the entire company. The company started production with the Ford Model A and when the vehicle
went up for sale the company had a total of $223 in the Ford bank

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