Cause Of Racial Discrimination

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Throughout the twentieth century, racial tension became a core problem in the United States after African Americans started to migrate from the South to North for industrial jobs. As the United States became engulfed in World War II, war industries were nationalized and Franklin Delano Roosevelt banned discrimination through the Executive Order 8802. As African Americans moved to cities with abundant war factories to advance their economic status which challenged White Americans social status and integration. Detroit became overpopulated by African Americans, which tightened police within the city, began the construction of public housing, and increased the unequal access to goods and services. With increasingly racial tensions within …show more content…

In comparison to mainstream media such as Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune provided facts that challenged society to challenge their perspective of their version of the truth. The Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribute that had neutral reportage about the Detroit Riots and provided information about the facts. Except for one article from the LA Times, known as the column “Fair Enough” written by Westbrook Pegler that gave an anti-New Deal sentiment and consistently criticized Franklin Delano Roosevelt for his failure to defend the American people. Lastly, African American newspapers such as the Chicago Defender, Cleveland Call and Post, and Pittsburgh Courier focused on the perception of African Americans as the authors debated the false reports of the White media. As the newspapers validated their perspective that the White Americans were supported by the police to attack African American specifically the younger generations under 21 years of age and created an excuse about “enemy agents” of the Axis power to scapegoat blame from the continual racial discrimination.
Throughout the San Francisco Examiner, the articles were in support of the police power to restrain Negro rioters and through these methods of violence demonstrated this was only system to

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