Cause Of The Spanish American War

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Spanish - American WarTopic: Spanish American WarQuestion: How did the Spanish - American war start?Thesis: Getting treated badly by one another.The causes of the Spanish-American War relates directly to Cuba, and the sinking of the ships such as the U.S.S. Maine. 1In 1895, Cuba was extremely out of control and not organized at all , and was beginning to go against Spain. The American people were very disgusted in the way the cuban citizens were treated and by the way the Spanish treat the Cubans in the beginning of the Spanish - American war. The Cuban’s soon adopted a conception that the more damage that they did to the Cuban mainland, the faster the Spanish would leave Cuba, and the Americans would then help the Cubans to win their independence against the Spain. After they win their independence they would then be free without being mistreated by the Spaniards.The Americans soon came to Cuba in a try to help and assist the Cubans in their fight for freedom.2 The Spanish intervention with Cuba threatened the trade routes that America had near, and with Cuba. By helping the Cuban’s America would be saving itselfs economy because this would be the way to greatness . During this time you must remember that the U.S had a new and 1 more improved Navy team and they were eager to show their power off to the rest of the world and the rest of the countries. 3When Spanish
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