Cause Of Ww1

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The main cause of World War One was the assassination of the archduke of Austria-Hungary, Franz Ferdinand in June of 1914. Two months later, on August 4th, 1914 Great Britain declared war. Ireland, at this time, was a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and as a result, they had become a part of the war as well. Before the war broke out, there were already fifty-eight thousand Irishmen enlisted in the British Army or Navy. During the duration of the war, another one hundred-thirty Irishmen were recruited as volunteers. These Irishmen joined the armed forces for several different reasons. Some, because of political reasons, others joined to send money to loved ones back home, and some were simply after the adventure that war brought along with it. Tom Barry, who enlisted in the British military in June 1915, said he joined “to see what war was like, to get a gun, to see new countries and to feel like a grown man.” However, during the war, the unsung heroes of the war had been the Irish women. These women were almost as involved in the war effort as the men had been. Fionnuala Walsh, whose …show more content…

Women over the age of thirty were finally allowed to vote, and although all males were able to vote at twenty-one years of age, this was still a small step in the right direction. I strongly agree with the statement made by WWI historian, Professor Margaret MacMillan when she states that, “The war changed women’s lives, and in some ways for the better. They showed society that they were able to do men’s jobs and were intellectually more than capable of taking part in society.” I agree that this war did change women’s lives, when they showed that they could do the exact same jobs as their male counterparts, and do them adequately. They also showed that women were more than capable of doing more than just raising, and taking care of children and their

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