The Main Causes Of World War 1

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For more than four years, World War One (WW1) was a conflict that caused a destruction to land and many family members who have lost their lives. Over sixteen million civilians were killed and ten million men died during the war. WW1 broke out because of the four main causes; Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism and Nationalism. Militarism was a crucial aspect that caused WW1 to break out because countries such as France and Germany had created a huge army to prepare for war. The Alliances was a fundamental long-term factor that led to the outbreak of WW1 as countries also decided to align with other countries so they could help each other if one goes to war. Imperialism was another vital factor that caused WW1 to erupt as many countries scrambled for territories that were not taken which began the tension of countries trying to expand their empire. Lastly, Nationalism was a very important reason in causing WW1 as European countries felt that they were more superior than the rest of the countries. Militarism was a crucial factor that caused WW1 to breakout because countries such as Britain and Germany had gathered a huge army to prepare for war. This lead to a fierce competition between Britain and Germany for mastery of the sea. In 1906, Britain launched a battleship named the dreadnought which was stronger and faster. The rivalry became more intense when Germany made ships and weapons that were similar to Britain’s formation. Both countries began making more dangerous

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