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Cause and Effect: Gambling Throughout life we take chances with many different things. We take chances for ourselves, and we take chances for others close to us. Chances are things which will give you so much good in your life if you go for the right things and succeed when taking the chance. As is everything in this life taking chances are all and only good within moderation. When you take yourself to an abusive level with anything it becomes dangerous for you and all who surround you. An unsuccessful gambler may carry the same attributes of a very greedy person. A greedy person is someone who always wants more, and in essence a person gambling is looking to get more then they have. Gambling is considered to be addictive for many…show more content…
The reason the gambler turns to these things is to ease their mind and hide their feelings. This way of coping with losing could ultimately result into hurting financially, as well as emotionally, and even physically. The first problem the gambler will face will be financial loss. The first thing to go in gambling is your wallet, and unfortunately one of the most commonly related problems to depression is debt. Losing money will affect the mindset of the gambler causing possible depression. This is when the problem reaches the emotional aspect it may take. The chain of events continues from depression on ward to abuse among substances, most commonly drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol are substances made to relax the mind and take them away from the reality of things. The reality of the situation is that all drugs and alcohol will do is further affect the gambler financially as well as emotionally, and physically. When abuse of alcohol and drugs is brought to the home life of someone all it brings is deceit and ultimately pain. If the gambler has a family life the habits of drugs and alcohol will be tried to be concealed by the user to not hurt anyone else, and ultimately the truth surfaces taking an even bigger toll on the gambler. The abuse of alcohol and drugs is also closely related to physical abuse. Being intoxicated on drugs and alcohol can in fact lead to abusing close friends or family. It is most likely never said, but gambling can lead a

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