Causes And Consequences Of The Air Pollution

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Often people breathe in the air pollutants that come from the cars we drive, but how many times do people actually stop and think of what it might be doing to ourselves and the world around us and perhaps how we could possibly fix it? The black smoke, and sometimes invisible pollutants, are causing harm all over the earth without people realizing it. Car pollution can cause disruption to human 's health, the environment, and the cities in just a matter of time and in many different ways. The air pollution from cars contains various components that all can factor into harming humans health. According to The Environmental Protection Agency’s actions, they took away a key part of the pollution from gasoline:lead. This is a dangerous component of gas because it affects parts of the body such as organs, the brain, and the nervous system. Children gain the worst effects from the lead but everyone can gain bad side effects and problems from a simple part of pollution going into the air (Cars, Trucks, Buses, and Nonroad). Lead is a very harsh component of gas and is definitely a part of pollution that you do not want to expose kids to because of the even more dangerous effects it has on them compared to adults. It was dangerous enough to have them remove large amounts of it from lead, making it less of a issue. Along with the elimination of lead, Baines states that "Diesel engines power most large vehicles like buses and trucks. They are also becoming more popular in
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