Causes And Effects Of Child Abuse

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About 2.9 million child abuse cases are reported every year (DoSomething, 2017). Child abuse is defined as mistreatment of a child by a parent or guardian, including neglect, beating, and sexual molestation (“child abuse”). The child is still developing mentally and trying to experience life, but that is being halted when a loved one hits the child not only physically, but with words that can damage one’s confidence and mental state. The child should be growing up in an environment showered with love and affection, instead of being shown that they are not good enough. Furthermore, it is important to be educated and conscious of surroundings to try and prevent further harm. Child abuse can affect someone physically, emotionally, and can be a major determinant of the future. Children may experience different types of trauma from various forms of abuse. One of the most common form of abuse is physical. There is one form of physical abuse known as shaken baby syndrome. This occurs when a parent gets annoyed with the child’s crying so to get them to stop, they shake the baby. This could result in vomiting, a concussion, respiratory distress, seizures, and death (“Effects of Child Abuse”). In addition, there were many cases in Japan where unwanted children were placed in lockers and left because the family could not take care of them. Most of the children died, before they were found by other people using the lockers, or the authorities who frequently check the lockers for
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