Causes And Effects Of Pollution

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Stephen Allen
Ms. Spain
English IV
8 December 2014
The Causes and Effects of Pollution
There are constant news reports about pollution and how it’s destroying earth and how it helps the greenhouse effect on Earth’s atmosphere. There are many different sources of pollution, even some that may not seem likely to produce so much.
There are many causes of pollution in the environment. Some include natural sources of pollution and some are caused by manmade sources of pollution. Whether they are natural sources or manmade sources, they all contribute to the destruction of our atmosphere and rising
CO2 levels which cause the “greenhouse effect”. The greenhouse effect is just a saying that our planet’s average temperature keeps rising at an uncontrollable rate.
As the epa states “Most air toxics originate from human-made sources, including mobile sources (e.g., cars, trucks, buses) and stationary sources (e.g., factories, refineries, power plants), as well as indoor sources (e.g., building materials and activities such as cleaning).”
(E.P.A, pollution and sources).
These types of sources we us in our everyday lives like cars, trucks, and buses, and many that we use but don’t realize like when we us electricity made from a power plant.
There are several alternatives to many of these sources, like having an electric car compared to a car that runs off of fossil fuels. Another alternative is trying to have your community start harnessing solar energy, wind energy, or (the

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