Causes And Effects Of The French Revolution

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The French Revolution, some say that it was successful and some say that it was not. In my opinion, for the most part the French Revolution was a success. This is a cause and effect essay that describes the long-term causes and effects and the immediate causes and effects of the French Revolution. It lasted from 1789 to 1799 and was a turning point event in Europe. France was divided into three estates : First, Second, and Third Estate. The First Estate consisted of the clergy and Church leaders. The Second included nobles and the Third was made of up mostly peasants. King Louis XVI was the leader of France during the Revolution until January 21, 1793. On this day the Convention beheaded Louis XVI for being a traitor and committing wrong actions toward the state. The Queen, Marie Antoinette was also killed nine months later and the popular press celebrated her death.

1st: Corrupt and inconsistent leadership was one major long-term cause of the French Revolution. This caused created chaos and inequality in the social order. The Third Estate was treated poorly and was used by the First and Second. For example, Document D a primary source, shows how the Third Estate is represented by a weak peasant lying on the floor while being stepped on by the First and Second Estate. The picture also shows the First and Second Estate standing on a rock that represents taxes that are backed by the Third Estate. Without the Third Estate the other two would not have their power. The

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