Causes And Factors Of The Migration Essay

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Many people migrate from one country to another or within a country. There are different reasons why people migrate and there are also things that can stop humans from moving, humans signify it as barriers. Many people have complex issues mentally and physically when they migrate, there are also factors that attract or drive out people from a place. Fun fact:There is also different types of migration. “Economic migration” is when people are migrating to a country that has a higher percent rate of getting a job. “Social migration” is when you are migrating to start a new life or to live closer to your family. “Political migration” is when people are moving to escape corrupted government or civil war. “Environmental migration” is when natural disasters destroy homes and people try to start a new life in a new country. When it comes to migration there are many factors of why people would want to migrate. We signify the factors as push and pull factors: push factors are what makes people want to leave and pull factors are what makes people want to move in. The most important reasons are governments, Freedom, Education, Weather, War, Family and Standard cost of living In some cases, the citizens have a corrupt government. The citizens would migrate to a country with a fairer government. When a government is corrupt it means that the citizens don’t get paid a lot and most of the money goes to the army. Some citizens migrate because their payment is low and their government

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