Causes Of College Dropout

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The college drop-out and failure rate in North America is unacceptably high and it’s becoming a huge problem. In fact, US News reports that “30% of college freshmen drop out after their first year of college” (Bowler 2). There are quite a few reasons students drop out of College. Whether it’s having a child or working two jobs, it’s hard for most students to balance college and life. Some of the main causes of dropping out include nontraditional situations, mental issues such as stress or anxiety, and lack of self-knowledge. Many college students have non-traditional situations. Some students have children or dependents that limit their available hours. This can be hard because financial aid is not given to part- time students and they may not be able to afford their classes or a caretaker. Students also may drop out because they don’t want debt in the future and can’t afford college on their own. Some students work full time or have multiple jobs to support themselves and pay for their education. This makes it hard to pass a class because they lack time to study or to do their work outside of class. For example, an article about why students drop out states that “Nearly three-quarters (71%) of students who dropped out of college said that work contributed to the decision, with more than half (54%) identifying it as a major factor” (Kantrowitz, 3). This is a significant example because it provides hard evidence that many students are dropping out or failing because
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