Causes Of Failure Of Reconstruction

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Reconstruction was ultimately a failure despite some success. The South was terribly devastated after the Civil War. Many cities in the South were in ruins because of the war. The destruction left the economy in the South in shambles. The agricultural system had completely collapsed due to the war. The Reconstruction plan helped rebuild the South, but did not help . Abraham Lincoln’s Reconstruction plan was very lenient to the South. He did not want to punish them, instead he wanted to reconcile. In December 1863 he started his plan with the Proclamation of Amnesty which pardoned all Southerners who swore loyalty to the United States and accepted proclamation on slavery being re-admitted. Once ten percent of the population take the oath then they can start a new state government. Radical Republicans resisted Lincoln’s plan because they wanted the South to be punished for their actions instead of forgiven. They had three main goals. They wanted to prevent Confederate leaders from having political power and establish the Republican party in the South. They also wanted African Americans to have the right to vote in the South. African Americans right to vote was important to Republicans because once the South rejoined the Union they would gain representatives in Congress and potentially take the majority. The end of slavery would make the Three-Fifths Compromise no more and give the South more seats in the house. The Wade-Davis Bill was a compromise made by the moderate

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