Causes Of Good Governance In Africa

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citizens. Fundamentally therefore, to describe governance as a good one and to determine whether it is a bad one requires the understanding of the essence of the state which are not only embedded in the constitution but also a function of the ethical and religious ideals and the nature of current problems confronting the state. The curious question however is: what went wrong in the governance realm in Africa? Two factors seem to have facilitated bad governance in Africa. First is obviously the colonial pedigree. There is a strong linkage between the absence of good governance in the colonial era and that of the postcolonial period. The political structures and values, economic base and social orientation promoted in the colonial era were antithetical to the evolution of good governance and democracy in Africa. These structures and processes, firmly implanted, took new manifestations as experienced in maladministration and bad governance, both internal and external in the post-colonial and the neo-colonial era.

Although a lot of hopes and expectations are provided in the current process of democratic modification and its capacity to engineer good governance, the possible outcome of the process remains uncertain and open to speculation. In Africa, just like any other region of the world, the indicators and cost of bad governance are corruption, injustices, inequity, integration crisis, ethno-religious feuds and a host of others. Corruption has generated an unthinkable level

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