British Colonies And Its Impact On South Africa

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How should an empire assert their claim to territory and how should they govern it? This question is important because there are a number of methods an empire could employ presiding over a colony. For example the French empire employed a system call direct rule. The French rulers wanted to assimilate or incorporate the peoples of West Africa . The British however preferred a system called indirect rule and it was applied to many of their West African colonies including Nigeria and Ghana. It has proven to be detrimental to problems in Africa and can be linked to the political past of the British colonial government. The goal of this paper is to expose the reasons for indirect rule in British colonies and the negative impact of post colonial development in West Africa. For much of the 19th century, Europeans occupied African port cities and relied on African locals and trade networks to bring goods and raw materials to the coast. The most valuable elements of this trade included slaves. But the English abolished the slave trade in the mid-eighteen hundreds the United States abolished the import of slaves although some smuggling of slaves from Africa continued. European attention in African materials expanded to include items like palm oil, rubber and copper. European countries negotiated a partitioning of African regions among themselves at the Berlin Conference in 1884-1885. The European countries proceeded to their claims of land and moved up the rivers and trade
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