Causes Of Hunger Around The World

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According to, “a person around the world dies from hunger or hunger-related causes every 10 seconds.” While there are many causes of hunger in the world some occur more frequently than others. Your body reacts in many different ways to not having any food. When your body suffers from malnutrition or hunger your body will stop at nothing to survive. First, there are many causes of hunger around the world, and that’s why about 795 million people around the world suffer from hunger. According to “Poverty is the main cause of hunger around the world.” Extreme poverty is defined as of having an income of $1.25 a day or lower. The largest group of hungry people in the world are small farmers in developing countries. A cause for widespread hunger that is common in developing countries is food shortages and waste. For example, says, “The people most affected are smallholder farmers and their families who depend on their own surplus to survive between harvests. The period leading up to a harvest is known as the “hungry season.”Another reason for food shortages is up to 40 percent of food grown in some countries is spoilage. Spoilage is the spoiling of food and perishable goods. Wars and conflicts can be both the causes and effects of hunger. Widespread hunger in a nation in which the government doesn’t pay attention to its own people can cause civil wars. According to a man in Liberia years after their civil war, he only knew there was peace

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