Causes Of Lack Of Democracy In America

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Lack Of Democracy In America
Democracy is defined as the control of an organization or group by the majority of its members, or so one would believe (“”). Since the United State’s founding on July 4, 1776 it has identified itself as a democracy; however, one fundamental difference between the U.S. and a democracy, as defined above, can be found. A difference being that the majority of people belonging to the group, in this case country, rules and has control over the actions of it. The electoral college, the system used to elect the president of the United States, steps in the way of that, since it can allow for the minority to rule over the majority. This unfairly undermines democratic processes since the majority can’t determine who gets to lead their country. The undemocratic processes causes the electoral college system to be effectively unfair unfair.
The undermining of the fundamental values of the democratic process, the irrelevant reasons for having it as a safeguard, and faithless electors all play as major contributing factors to the electoral college’s lack of fairness. To Illustrate, A central value of democracy is that the majority of the voters rule over the minority; however, the inverse occurred in the 2016 presidential election where Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton causing an uproar of protest to the electoral college system as “it gave us Donald Trump, although [Hillary] Clinton will most likely have a more than 2 million vote edge

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