Causes Of Tension In Colonial America

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Colonial America in the seventeenth century become very independent from England, this caused tensions politically, socially, religiously and economically. The tensions did not automatically take place; however, things that weren't considered issues previously became amplified problems as England tried to tighten their control over the colonies. Having the tensions of social and economic growth it lead to the Salem Witch trials that occurred in Massachusetts. There was a great amount of independent growth throughout colonial America, tensions definitely rose as colonial America refused to allow England to have full control. A major part of the independent growth was the legal system that America had formed. While they adopted many of the essential elements of the English legal system, they had major differences in the American legal system (Brinkley, 2012). For example, punishment was different from England’s, instead of prison or the gallows, the Americans took a different route. The forms of punishment in colonial America was whipping posts, branding iron, stocks, and the ducking stool (Brinkley, 2012). The colonists thought of law as reflection the divine will or as a result of natural order, not as an expression of power (Brinkley, 2012). Another growth of independence was politics in America. The Americans created groups of self-government which was very local and not dependent on the English (Brinkley, 2012). This was not much of an issue for a while, the English

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