Causes Of The American Civil War

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The civil war began when the confederates attacked the union soldiers at the Fort Sumter in South Carolina. The civil War started April 12th 1861. The Civil war was fought between the northern states and the southern states. There were many causes for the civil war, including the ideas of trade, states’ rights, tariffs, and most importantly, slavery.
During the civil war the U.S army was neither considering nor accepting black soldiers. The white volunteers’ were diminishing and the African Americans were ready to fight. When the Militia act took place that was the first step to enrolling and accepting blacks into the Union Army. That alone didn’t necessary invite the blacks to join the fight but it allowed the president to employ as many African Americans that he may have counted.
Though the blacks weren’t invited to the fight they took this as their opportunity to form army’s on their own. In 1861 the whites let the Africans assist with the Civil war. Fredrick Douglass who was an abolitionist who belief that the African Americans fighting in the union military would help the African Americans have equal rights or be free.
It taken a few years before later the whites acknowledging how powerful the blacks were, the African Americans fought in countless battles, fighting in the civil war free blacks and slaves participated. July 19th 1863, the blacks being accepted in the Union Navy, made they more than half of the union navy African Americans and about 10 percent whites.

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