Causes Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution may have seemed like a common item of discussion in a history classroom, but back when it really happened, it was a very radical action that had never been seen before. The American Revolution was a spark that would soon ignite a wave of revolutions across the Western Hemisphere and Europe. One of the first countries to feel the heat was France. However, France did not exactly mirror the American Revolution. It was more radical, complex, and controversial. The first way that France became influenced by the actions that took place in the colonies was when France supported the American Revolutionary War. The American War for Independence started in April of 1775. The conflict between the colonies and Britain all began after the Seven Years’ War which placed Britain with a huge national debt, so Britain starting taxing the colonies that, up to that point, were mostly ignored by the mother nation, and it angered the colonists. From the Stamp Act in 1765 to the Intolerable Acts in 1773 as a reaction from the Boston Tea Party, the colonists grew in anger until the fighting that started in Lexington and Concord two years later. When the Independence War started in the Americas, most of the world believed the colonists were fighting a war they could not win since Britain outgunned, out-trained, and had a navy when the colonists did not. However, the British made a huge mistake that would ultimately cost them the war. In the Battle of Saratoga in
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