Causes Of The American Revolution

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After the seven years war the British became overwhelmed with debt and fell into a recession. The British began passing new laws that would increase their control in America as well as the revenue. One of the first laws passed was The proclamation of 1763, which established land transactions west of the Appalachian crest to be controlled under British government rather than colonies. The British merchants also requested the debts colonists owed due to the importing of goods be paid immediately and with the British currency. A quartering act was set in place in 1765 which mandated colonists would pay for the expenses of soldiers living in the colonies. The british then passed a tea act giving a monopoly to British east India tea company. This monopoly meant the colonies could not compete with tea trading, and the colonists revolted by dumping the tea into the harbor. In 1774 parliament tried to pass the intolerable acts which included laws such as Parliament taking complete control over Massachusetts and mandating Americans to open their homes to British soldiers. The laws and taxes being placed on the colonies resulted in great opposition from the colonists and created resentment towards the British.

The democratic principles that were relevant to the actions taken by Parliament to control the colonies were as follows; natural rights, human equality, government by consent, and the right of revolution. Throughout the early years of the colonies the citizens suffered a

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