Causes Of The Franco-Prussian War

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1. Franco-Prussian War The Franco-Prussian War took place from 1870-1871, and was a conflict between France and the German states led by Prussia. The initial cause of the war was the result of Otto von Bismarck’s (the German chancellor), goal of unifying the German Empire. The first step of the plan was to rid Germany of all French influence (History World – Franco-Prussian War). This plan greatly worried Napoleon III, the leader of France at the time. This apprehension added to the concerns Napoleon had about Prussia after it’s victory in the Austro-Prussian war, as he felt that Prussia’s newfound military strength threatened France. On the other hand, Otto von Bismarck encouraged the alienation between France and Prussia to unify the states of S Germany. On July …show more content…

This arms race was a large contributing factor to rising tensions. Each of the nations involved were largely dominated by military leaders, and wanted to utilize “new weapons produced during the Industrial Revolution in the late 1800’s […] as countries strove to outpace their enemies technologically” (Encyclopedia, Arm’s Race). This process rose to its peak around the early 1900s, a decade before the outbreak of the war, when the Triple Alliance faced the Triple Entente. Each increase in a nation’s military prowess left another feeling more nervous and defensive, which led to an increase of that nation’s armaments and so on and so forth. It was during this that new technologies were developed in an effort to gain the upper hand. One of the consequences included the sudden increase of military expenditure in Europe as a whole. “In 1870, the combined military spending of the six great powers (Britain, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia and Italy) totaled 94 million pounds. By 1914 it had quadrupled to 398 million pounds” (Alphahistory,

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