Causes Of The Glorious Revolution

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The Glorious Revolution of 1688 was a time of enlightened thinking and establishing a new principle of dividing power within the monarchy. With the emergence of philosophical thinkers, such as John Locke, the idea of separation of powers and rationalism formed the foundation for our modern use of a constitutional democracy. During this time period, James II was just expelled from the throne, with William III and Mary taking over the throne. James II was a Catholic absolute monarch who was religiously intolerant. James II violated the Test Act, which were a series of English penal laws that served as a religious test for public office and imposed various civil disabilities on Roman Catholics. He did this by giving government and university jobs to Catholics. Fear of the Catholic monarchy led to the expulsion of James II, which then led to the beginning of the Glorious Revolution. The Glorious Revolution was a time of unity within the English Parliament. This Revolution established the principle that power should be divided between the King and the Parliament, similar to a checks and balances system. This was established to ensure that one individual could no longer oppressively rule over the monarchy. During 1688, James II was just expelled from the position of ruler of England. Evelyn, a writer and founding member of the Royal Society of London, reports events that are occurring in England under the rule of James II. Evelyn specifically focuses on the current
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