Causes Of The Mayan Civilization

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The Mayans were a unique civilization with the most sophistication in mesoamerica (1800 BC-250 AD). In this civilization, the major cities include Tikal and Chichen Itza, however independent city-states are run by, kings. Mayans had a polytheistic religion where they believed in afterlife. In addition, Mayans built temples, pyramids for sacrifices, and bloodletting. Yet, they were excellent astronomers. Here priests charted movements of planets, moon, and sun. Also, these distinctive people created calendars, developed a number system, and glyphic writing. Withal their economy was based on agriculture and trade. Nevertheless, what caused this great civilization to collapse? While analyzing the theories, I believe this civilization collapsed, due to: warfare, disease, famine, and disaster/ environmental change.

First of all, the demise of the Mayan Empire was caused by warfare, since while I was researching about the Mayans being warlike I came across to thinking about all the population decreasing from all the wars among others which weren’t necessary, plus they killed many of their own kind. For example, in theory (1) it states, “A 1,200 year-old mass grave was uncovered in Guatemala that turned up some 45 skeletons, including the Mayan king Kan Maax and his wife.” (para. 3). In other words, archeologists discovered a grave from 1,200 years ago in Guatemala which held 45 skeletons. Surprisingly, it carried the bodies of the Maya king, Kan Maax, and his beautiful wife.

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