Causes Of The Reformation

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Identify and describe the following:
The conditions of the Church in the early 16th century that made the Reformation possible and probable.

The Condition of the Church in the early 16th century was full of clutter of chaotic events. Because the Catholic church didn’t want any other form of its religion, the officials decided to completely ban any literature or thoughts on any other religious forms. This lead to a huge uprising of peasants and protestants. Clergy and kings were usually Catholic, but the majority of peasants and 50% of nobles were protestants. Also, because nobles had a close relationship with the king, it was not hard for nobles to spread protestantism to the king, who may change the religion of a country. By having kings believe in something opposite to catholicism, protestantism grew subtly.

Responses and its followers responses to the Reformation, citing specific groups, councils and restrictions, and how effective they were.

In response to the reformation, the Catholic church created a meeting that was meant to agree on a single religion and synthesizing the ideas from each variation of the Catholic religion. The council of trent met several times throughout the 18 year span it was held for. However, this council was not fair as the Catholics could execute people who brought up ideas of Luther or Calvin. Therefore, protestants couldn’t really speak up. However, in the end, this just became a help to the spreading of protestantism as the break

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