Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials

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The Salem Witch Trials was a witch hunt started by a group of young girls whom the locals believed to be possessed by the devil. The Salem Witch Trials caused a lot of hysteria among the community. Many of the locals who believed this witch hunt was untrue stayed quiet in fear of being accused themselves. Those who believed they were innocent were punished harshly for refusing to confess. This resulted in the death of twenty people and over two hundred people were accused of witchcraft in the span of only one year. Unlike today's court system where one is innocent until proven guilty, the courts in Salem presumed the accused automatically guilty. This was due to mass hysteria because of superstition, stress due to recent Indian raids and current social climate because these women were looking to accuse others or gain attention from people in the village.The Salem Witch Trials were crucial in the formation of a proper government for America that not only included one’s religious freedom but also their inalienable rights that were given to them as human beings. From watching “The Witches of Salem: The Horror and The Hope” one can see the controversy and the chaos that these witch trials caused throughout Salem. From the film, one can see the true causes of what started the Salem Witch Trials, which were the politics throughout the village, the role woman held, and also the fear from one another. As seen from the film, the gruesome and inhumane Salem Witch Trials started a

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