The Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials

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In the year (1692) witch trials held the Salem area hostage people were terrified. People of good standing who tried to speak on the accused behalves were frequently in turn accused of being a witch. The Salem Witch Trials were a travesty and marked our Early American history as a dark interval. This period of time in our history is one of the most studied phenomenons in American History, with many various theories presented. Two different perspectives are presented on the possible causes of the witch hysteria in Salem. Author, Lyle Koehler summarizes the trials were the search for power by the oppressed, while author, Laurie Winn Carlson puts forth the idea the original accusers where suffering from some type of illnesses. I will explore these two researchers’ theories and discuss the merits of both arguments as related to the Salem Witch Trials. In the section, “A Search for Power: The ‘Weaker Sex’ in Seventeenth-Century New England” by Lyle Koegler, suggests the witch trials were the direct result of women and men rebelling against societies boundaries and struggles for power. Koegler, insinuates research supports the hypothesis accusers gained power by blaming those they feared or envied. Adolescents used this frenzy to asserted their independence and dissatisfaction of the strict Puritan boundaries placed upon them by those who held power over them. As the accusers realized the power they wielded they pushed the boundaries of their accusations;

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