Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials

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In 1692, 20 people were executed for being witches or warlocks during the Salem Witch Trials. There was rumors from neighboring towns of witchcraft as there was in Salem. The main contributing factors for those 20 people being killed was the religion, superstitions, rivals, boredom, economics, rumors, and how women were seen in that time period. These people were Puritans, a form of Christianity. Part of their superstitions was the ability for someone to be possessed by the devil or in cahoots with the devil or practicing witchcraft. The women in this time had a status almost as low as slaves. Rivals between Salem Village and the Town of Salem were big as the village tried to break off and the town would not let them. When little girls are bored they make up games, this may have been just one big sick game. The rumors would spread around from the other towns and fuel the accusations as proof that there was witchcraft. Their religion played a big part in the chaos that reigned on Salem. A Puritan is someone who believed that that the Church of England was not complete and wanted a simple way to worship. They had strict laws and they believed anyone who didn’t follow the laws must be working with the devil. The first people to be accused were outcasts and didn’t follow the laws perfectly, making them the perfect people to accuse of witchcraft. Even if the accused, like Sarah Cloyce, proved they believed in God the accusers would just act out in fit and say her spectrum

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