Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials

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The Salem Witch Trials
The Salem Witch Trials occurred in 1692, when a group of girls accused people in Salem of bewitching people. The devil had supposedly given these few people in the village the power to hurt others, and in return the devil would gain their loyalty. In the short film "The Witches of Salem: The Horror and The Hope,” by The Phoenix Learning Group, the young girls accuse Tituba, Sarah Goode, Bridget Bishop, Rebecca Nurse, and Elizabeth Proctor as tormentors who bewitched them. This group was the first of hundreds to be accused of practicing witchcraft. The factors that caused the Salem Witch Trials were because of a church-state run government, fear and the socioeconomic status of men and women in Salem.
In Salem, the unknown and of anything that strayed away from God's word would cause great fear, “Fear combined with a “trigger,” a traumatic or stressful event, is what often leads to scapegoating. Fear of the Devil, and witches who did his bidding, was very real in Salem at the time,”(Rebecca Beatrice Brooks). That trigger was Tituba, a slave, who was accused by the group of girls of witchcraft. Her confession of practicing witchcraft caused chaos, her confession spread throughout Salem like wild fire. It took the words of one person for people to believe that there was in fact witches practicing in their villages. Sarah Good, a poor woman who begged for money or work was also accused of practicing witchcraft, “As a result, Good was a prime target for the

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