Causes Of The Schlieffen Plan

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The Schlieffen plan was made in 1905 by Alfred von Schlieffen. It took almost 9 years to devise the plan. He started making the plan in 1897 and presented in 1905. After a year the plan was revised again (1906). The Schlieffen plan was a plan of attack for Germany, mobilization and war were the same thing. The Schlieffen plan was also the only Germany’s plan for war ("GCSE Bitesize: Extra Facts." BBC. BBC, n.d Web.). Some of the reasons this plan failed was because. the lack of communication between the soldiers and their leaders and, the leadership that the leader led them throughout the plan, the amount of assumptions that the Germans made during the plan and the bad planning of the plan and the resistance of the Belgium army. The…show more content…
One time the lack of communication led The German infantry and cavalry had to wait days for resupply of food, ammunition and fodder for their animals. This issue could have been solved in a lot easier way through may be communication between the food supplier and the German infantry/army or through earlier planning for the food in advance and to talk to the supplier earlier. Another example of lack of communication was when Helmuth von Moltke changed the plan. He dramatically reduced the number of troops that the plan required by 30% which didn’t let the Germans the ability of changing their tactics or strategy if the unexpected occurred as they lacked the number of troops that are necessary to do so (Mixon, Jon. "Why Didn't the Schlieffen Plan Work?") I think that they could have solved the issue with more advanced planning and better communication with all of the army and the leaders and solve their way throughout the issues that they were facing. The way they use to communicate throughout out the plan was using pigeons and flags which was probably a very difficult way to send messages with a pigeon that the France army might see with a note and shoot it. Or with weird flags at the grass trying to transfer a message for your army friends in a war
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