Causes Of The Soviet Union

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The first five-year plan of the Soviet union was referred to the large-scale and systematic socialist construction of the Soviet communist party, which the government in order to get rid of the backward agricultural country of the Soviet union from 1928 to 1932. The completion of the first five-year plan made the Soviet union began to change from an agricultural country to industrial country. The Soviet union preliminary built independent relatively complete national economic system, laid the material foundation for realizing the socialist industrialization. Since the new economic policies, the Soviet economy basically recovered to its pre-war level in 1925. But the modern industry of the Soviet union is still relatively …show more content…

In the history this is the first time the Soviet union appeared the tractor, aircraft manufacturing, automotive, heavy machinery, precision instrument manufacturing, and other emerging industries. The Soviet union's oil, tractors and combine harvesters came in second place in the world, Europe's first. The Soviet Union has changed to an industrial country, but not an agricultural country that has lagged behind for a long time. During the Soviet first five-year plan, the economy grew at a faster pace than any other capitalist country in the same period. The USSR makes the world full with admiration with their 5 years plan. After Stalin's death, the Soviet leader Khrushchev denounced Stalin's purges and the expulsion of minorities, lashed out at his policy bring the disaster of agricultural , also attacked his incompetent military command, and in the last said to return to the route of marxism-leninism. Much of the abuse of power was done under Stalin's instructions, regardless of the party's guidelines and the Soviet rule of law. Stalin was a man with a sick suspicion. When Stalin said that someone should be arrested, you should believe that he is the enemy of the country, in the state security organs the evil Beria gangs would have tried all ways to prove that arrest people are criminal and they are the correctness of the fabricated materials. The judges

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