Causes Of The Soviet Union In Ww2

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Raith Palmer
Mr. Dalton
English IV
21 November 2017
Soviet Russia In World War II

I have always been fascinated with the Second World War. In fact, it seemed only fitting that I would choose the Soviet Union's role in World War II since I like the Soviets as well. I have divided this paper into several sections to help complete this task. The first section will deal with the causes of World War II and the Soviet Union's role in them. The second section will deal with the battles the Soviet Union was involved in during the war. The soviet union had some physicians but most came after the war. World war 2 was a crazy war that didn't end good or bad.
The soviet union a strong nation, yet a corrupt one, this is the nation that massively
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In 1941 The red army's count was at 8.9 million soldiers .During Barbarossa, so many casualties were lost that the us even helped the Soviets by sending tanks plans and other weapons to help aid the next Allie fighting against Hitler and his army of the axis.some of the tanks used was a Russian IS-2 is had a crew limit of rolled at the incredibly swifty speed of 23 mph, had a total weight of 51 tons and a max range of 150 miles it had only 3,854 made and it was named for Soviet premier Joseph Stalin, the IS-2 spearheaded the Soviet portion of the Allied assault on Berlin that brought victory. On December 6, 1941, the Soviet Union launched a major counterattack against the center of the front, driving the Germans back from Moscow in chaos. Only weeks later were the Germans able to stabilize the front east of Smolensk. In the summer of 1942, Germany carried on with the offence with a massive attack to the south and southeast toward the city of Stalingrad on the Volga River and toward the oil fields of the Caucasus. In the end 34.4 million men and women served in the red army. The red army had some of the least battling experience but yet they had some of the strongest fighters.
On November 30, 1939, the Russo-Finnish War began when the USSR invaded Finland. On March 12, 1940, Finland surrendered.On June 18, 1940, the USSR invaded the Baltic states.But Stalin could not
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