Causes Of Thermal Pollution

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What is thermal pollution? Thermal pollution is the sudden change in the natural temperature of bodies of water. Occurring usually when a plant, for example, a power plant or industrial facilities gain water from bodies of water and in which it is sent back to which it came from with a temperature that is altered. They use it as a method for cooling the machinery in their plants and facilities, and to help produce their products. In the world today, thermal pollution is seen as a huge threat to the environment and is mainly because of power plants and industrial manufacturers in which uses water as a coolant. Many attempts have been taken to manage how plants use the water, but effects of thermal pollution are still lasting to this day. Causes of thermal pollution are the discharge of heated water, industrial plants such as thermal power and chemical plants, hydro-electric power plants, etc. take natural water bodies supposedly for granted as a type of coolant for their machinery, in which they discharge heated waste back into the bodies of water causing thermal pollution. Another is Domestic sewage discharge in which are like buildings in which are located close to natural water resources such as a lake, or a river, etc. drain their sewage pipelines into the water. This is done regularly and is a key reason for the rise of thermal pollution. Oil spillage is another factor of the cause of thermal pollution, in oceans especially, the oil spillage in the water forms a layer in

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