Causes Of Treacher Collins Syndrome

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How would you like your life being in danger right after you’re born because you can’t breathe? Treacher Collins syndrome (TCS) causes underdevelopment of facial bones that could threaten an infant’s life by making it difficult to breathe. If the baby lives past this point they will have many facial deformities. Treacher Collins syndrome happens because of a mutation in TCOF1, POLR1C, or the POLR1D genes. TCS causes an underdeveloped facial bone, a small jaw and chin, an opening in the top of the mouth called cleft palate, eyes that slant downward, few eyelashes, a notch in the lower eyelid called a coloboma, eye abnormalities can cause vision loss, and unusually shaped ears lead to hear problems. All of these problems are linked with Treacher

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