Causes and Effects from Case Studies Essay

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The cause and effect diagram is both essential and efficient tool in finding out the main cause for a particular problem. It visualizes the whole process and gives a clear picture on most of the causes and effects that are involved in the problem.
Example 1 (DWTPCS2110613):
In this case study of an Aircraft Manufacturing Company there was an issue regarding the delivery of the upper door to the final assembly. By applying different six sigma tools like Process mapping, Pareto chart they came to know that there was a problem in three different sectors of the company and the six sigma team of the company implemented cause and effect diagram to analyze the main root cause for the problem and they came out with a result that the door handling …show more content…

Example 1 (AASVCS2110413):
The case study is in welding wire manufacturing plant which implemented six sigma methodologies for reducing the waste and increase the yield of manufacturing process. The company has the data regarding the KPIV’S and KPOV’S. The SIPOC was used in the define phase of the DMAIC process. By using the SIPOC they came out with three different defects out of many and used the other tools of six sigma to solve the problem further. The SIPOC in this case was used to narrow down the defects and focus on the main causes.
Example 2 (IKMBCS2103013):
The case study is related to health care and their objective is to provide top health care but there was a dissatisfaction in the hygiene of cardiothoracic unit and overall goal to reduce the pathogens and maintain hygiene conditions and waste reduction. The cross functional six sigma team was created to address the issue. Firstly they used SIPOC diagram to narrow down the input variables and came out with a specific cause for the problem. They used the SIPOC in the Identify phase of DMAIC process.
DOE: Design of Experiments:
DOE is the efficient six sigma tool which is being taught to the today’s belts to focus their application in the Improve phase of the DMAIC process.

Example 1 (AMELCS2100413):
This is the case study about the Car Components Manufacturing Company. The goal is to reduce the casting defects in the automobile engine. They used different

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