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* Article Question: According to the author’s standpoint, describe what are the differences between theory/application/focus factors when comparing six sigma, lean and theory of constraints. Please elaborate your answer without writing article sentences, use you own words and demonstrate a comprehensive analysis.

Making a comparison with a simple standpoint, the six sigma’s methodology is used to incremental improvement of existing processes, as it is the six sigma main tool, DMAIC. This tool is a strategy based on statistical quality, which gives much importance to data collection and accuracy of the data as a basis for improvement.
Each step in the methodology focuses on obtaining the best results possible to minimize
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* What factors are critical when choosing the right improvement strategy?
There three factors that must be evaluated in two different focuses to choose the right improvement strategy. First, identify the need of your organization in terms of relationship between the primary theory and the primary focus of the tools and methodology. Dave Nave calls it “the first effect or primary effect” in which the organization understands what are the tangible results want it for their company, such as: * Six sigma, if we focus on reducing variation, then we will have more uniform process output. * Lean, if we focus on waste removal, then flow time improve. * TOC, if the focus on constraints, then throughput volume will improve.

Second factor; identify the secondary effect in which it can be described by using a theory and primary effect results.

* Six sigma, focus on reducing variation and achieving uniform process results in less waste, less throughput time and less inventory. * Lean, focus on waste and flow time results in less variation, uniform output and less inventory. * TOC, focus on constraints and increased throughput results in less inventory and different accounting system.

Third factor, the selection of a process improvement methodology according to the organization’s culture. Here are some
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