Causes of Bolshevik Success Using Voilence Essays

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How far do you agree that the Bolsheviks consolidated their hold on power in the years after the October/November revolution mainly through the use of violence against their opponents? The Bolsheviks consolidated their power after October 1917 however they faced many severe problems which made keeping their power complex. For Lenin and the Bolsheviks winning political power was relatively easy compared with retaining it. The Bolsheviks may have had a temporary majority in the All-Russia soviet in October 1917, but they did not have a majority following in the country as a whole . Russia was in chaos, politically and economically, and normal government had broken down in large areas. . yet lenin was able to overcome these problems and…show more content…
The Workers' Decrees outlined measures for minimum wage, limitations on workers' hours, and the running of factories by elected workers' committees. This consolidated Bolshevik support amongst the working classes in the cities, where they had taken power, because it gave the workers a sense of democracy. However Lenin also had solutions to these problems through a more violent approach, this was repression. The cpnstituent assembly which had been promised by the provisional government took place as planned on 12 november 1917 and the result was that the social revolutionaries became the largest party in Russia. This made lenin fear was that the constituent assembly would challenge the newly Bolshevik rule so when the assembly rejected by 237 to 137 votes to be subservient to the decrees, Lenin took violent action by having armed troops and red guards threaten the assembly at gun point to close down. The Bolsheviks had been successful because the opposition was divided on what to do; half of the socialist revolutionaries supported the Bolsheviks and joined them in a coalition government; half followed the leader viktor chernov who called for peaceful

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