Cell Phones have become a Part of Everyday Life

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Issue Statement. Cell phones have become an everyday part of life. The cell phones original purpose was for mobile verbal communication. Today, there are multiple purposes for cell phones which are verbal communication, email, social media, apps, and text messaging. Verbal communication no longer is the only way to communicate anymore rather text messaging today has become the preferred form of communication among college-aged youth and young adults. Although text messaging has become the most preferred form of communication it has had some negative effects on college-aged youth and young adults in a physical, emotional, and physiological way. Holtgraves, Thomas, and Korey Paul. “Texting Versus Talking: An Exploration in Telecommunication Language.” Telematics and Informatics 30 (2013): 289-295. Web. 26 February 2014. There has been a lot of prior research on text messaging. Research was conducted to study the language and type of words used in the text messages versus the language and words used in a telephone conversations. The most received text messages of two hundred and twenty four randomly selected participants were looked at and studied. Then these text messages were compared to two hundred and fourteen randomly selected telephone conversations. Results showed countless amounts of differences between the language in text messages and telephone conversations. The results furthered the understanding of the language used in text messaging Though there are other

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