Final Paper: Cell Phone Addiction

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Final paper about cell phone addiction Over the years, cell phone addiction has gained public attention. There are several reasons why this case can attract some many researchers to study this.. First of all, mobile phone is new technology and some people have curiosity. They try to understand what will happen when they download new cell phone application. Studying in this field would allow business corporation to earn much money. Second, certain mobile phone behaviors are considered to be problematic, such as using a hand-held cell phone while driving, or violating privacy accident due to cell phone. Some countries have legislative control to ban cell phone in a variety of settings, including hospitals, planes, and pertol station,…show more content…
From scanning and skimming content from cell phone and Internet, people learn more than their ancestors. Aducci writes from his study, enterprises around the world are now facing a process that called culture exploding. The workforce begins to be “Hyperconnected,” more than 36% people take part in this movement. The workforce will use new devices like cell phone to communicate with other, it’s a new method to business process. So we can say although workforce takes much time on hyperconnetced, it’s good to help company to make good decision and create new kinds of communications-imbedded products to customer’s. Scientists spend much time on studying what happens on our brain when we are addicted to mobile phones. Like Carr, although they don’t get an exactly result, they find someone has similar situation which could make them uncomfortable if they lose their phones. Birdwell also writes some researchers have found cell phone addiction makes our brain change, it’s difficult to measure or identify how different between drugs and alcohol effects our brains. It has same effects on our brain. So in future, Birdwell says scientists will take much time on this kind of study. The situation becomes worse after people find another things, young people they are addicted to cell phone. From Bianchi’s paper, the young embrace new technology easily, they prefer to spend much time on the cell phone. From Birdwell’s article, he says the problem is growing now
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