Censorship And Government Control In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, this society is very has a lot of censorship and government control because the people are narrow minded, have lost the thought of humanity in their souls, and scared of what life could be like with imagination. In this book people burn books because the government has banned them. Everyone feel sad and no one has opinions. This society is very different but similar in some way to our own today. This civilization is narrow minded towards nature. Majority of people believe that it’s weird to drive slow and look around, “(....) drove 40 miles and hour and they jailed him(..)”(Bradburry 3). When you are driving people in this world are different than us because they go so fast they don’t want to go slow enough to see all the ugliness of the outside. Also, they think that it’s unusual to take a moment to “(...) go out and hike around in the forests (...)”(Bradbery 22. The world is so closed off to such beautiful things. Then Montag seemed “shocked”(Bradbury 26) when he compared , “cinnamon” (Bradbury 26) to smells that has sensed before. This is because they cared enough to stop and think. All of nature is something that they haven’t explored. The way that the author is explaining about all the different norms shows that,in this futuristic society that humanity is losing the meaning because of the censorship and government control, mindless entertainment, drugs and senseless violence. It may take a lot for someone to feel bad about

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