Censorship And Its Effect On Society Essay

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“Adolescents’ choices in literature can make teachers cringe. However, instead of censoring texts, the focus should shift to students’ ability to read beyond “inappropriate.” (Denzin, 1). Censorship has become a big problem in society today especially in schools using trigger warnings because it is limiting students of their overall learning. Society is banning “questionable” content because it may offend a student 's morals or beliefs, but in the real world it is something that students need to learn and understand. As time goes on censorship is damaging the younger generations by banning information that is important for them to know.
Moreover, Ever since the 1990s censorship in schools has increased in the number of banned books. “In the 1994-95 school year, 458 challenges of public school textbooks were issued in 49 states. Nearly fifty percent of these challenges resulted in “removal of or restricted access to” contested books.”(Sears, 1). The use of trigger warnings and censorship on material that is used in schools has remained one of the main focuses in student’s education. Nowadays it has become a major controversy in they way that using trigger warnings is affecting student’s educational experience. June Edwards a former teacher and the author of the book Opposing Censorship in the Public Schools: Religion, Morality, and Literature expressed her “purpose for writing the book is to refute many of the Religious Right’s arguments, and to urge educators to stand firm

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