Censorship In Schools Essay

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always want to apply their own morals when it comes to censorship and “acceptable” speech.

Nevertheless, these books help to prepare young adults for the real world when they leave home. Clearly, we can learn many things from them, experience the pure enjoyment of literature, and allow us to escape our daily lives. However, at some point in your child’s life you have to allow them to have freedom in what they read, so they can be independent later on in their life and make their own decisions, especially about the books they read. Censorship is defined as follows … “Any attempt to suppress the expression of thought or to alter or restrict information is called censorship…” ("Censorship", article-9273576). Additionally , “In 1644 the English
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Censorship is that if … “Any attempt to suppress the expression of thought, to alter or restrict information …” ("Censorship", article-9273576). Some parents do not want their children reading certain books, due to use of profanity, too depressing, negative influences, sexual references and racial content. There were many court cases to discuss the subject of banning books or whether the school’s actions with this matter were fair. The federal court couldn't even agree upon decisions because everyone has there own ideas about age appropriate books. But, does anyone really know what age is considered mature enough to read books that are labeled “too mature or violent”? 12, 16, 18, 21? However, no matter what age level, we all should be responsible for what we read but, only read what you know, you can handle. As of today, there are fewer and fewer books being banned, yet there are people who still want several books banned. Many people want these books off the shelves in school libraries. There are many books that have been banned/ challenged for various reasons, but that doesn't mean anyone can tell you what you can or can’t read. Despite, the actions to prevent certain books to be on school book shelves, students and other book lovers liked sharing their thoughts with the world. They have been challenging books until
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