Central Nervous System Research Paper

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The Central Nervous System, consists of the brain and spinal cord, is responsible for processing information received from all parts. The brain is like the central computer to our body that controls our thoughts, movements, and our six senses as well as certain internal organs. The spinal cord is like the communication highway between the body and the brain. Flight or Fight is the basic response to danger and is one of the main responses in the CNS. When the body is going through some type of harmful attack the body will release many different hormones and communications to and from the brain. Estrogen and testosterone and also the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin are deciding factors on how we react to stress. These different reactions and pathways have many different tiny …show more content…

There are billions of nerve cells, called neurons, located in the nervous system to assist the outer body in reacting. For example, if you are eating a sour lemon the neurons carry the bitter sensation to your brain and then to your taste buds in a matter of seconds to say “hey it’s sour”. The two main neurons that help these types of sensations are the Afferent and Efferent neurons. The afferent neurons are sensory neurons that carry nerve impulses from sensory stimuli towards the CNS. While the efferent neurons are motor neurons that carry impulses away from the central nervous system and towards muscles to cause movement. As a pharmacy technician understating how the Central Nervous System works is very important. Drugs are designed to work inside the body for a certain therapeutic effect; although the technician cannot counsel the patient knowing what a certain drug is for helps aide the technician significantly. The different drug reactions and how it effects the stomach area is a big part of the technician job and it is a part of the CNS. The Central Nervous System and the pharmacy technician are similar in one way; they both carry out the bulk of the work to help a bigger

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