Cesar Chavez Courage Of Courage

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When you think of courage, the first thing that comes to your mind is an athlete, an astronaut, or even an owner of a company. But I’ll bet money you don’t think of a man by the name of Cesar Chavez. Cesar Chavez is undeniably courageous because he showed integrity and did the right thing, he also showed perseverance towards his goal, and he was excellent and had a lot of success.

One way Cesar Chavez showed courage by having a lot of integrity. When his father was hurt he couldn’t be on the fields, so Chavez quit school and started working for the family just so his mother didn’t have to suffer (United Farm Workers 2016). For a kid our age to take the role of the man of the house to protect his family, and leave behind his own education
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To prove this, Chavez actually went out, and asked people door to door what conditions were they working in and what do they want (Tavaana.org 2016). This is ridiculous, who actually goes door to door, and asks for everybody’s working conditions and what they want? Although he didn’t do this by himself, this shows he really wants the workers to have a better life, and he works hard so it can come true. He also show perseverance when he walks 400 miles from Delano to Sacramento in 25 days (P.L Shelton 2004). This dude is crazy, he actually walked from Delano to Sacramento for a cause. Many people would’ve just quit, I would’ve quit after ten miles. But this shows real perseverance, he’s willing to do anything for the workers, and even gained 10,000 supporters. As we already know, Chavez had a very limited education. But even after dropping out of school, he still was learning more things every single day. He had many books on philosophy and he would read these books every day (United Farm Workers 2016). This shows true perseverance, he would still read even with his limited education, he was learning more and more each day, that’s true perseverance. Chavez was a hard worker and showed a lot of courage by
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